Create a Vocabulary Assignment

To get started with creating a vocabulary assignment, log into your SpanishDict account and click "Classrooms" at the top of the page. On the Classrooms page, you can either click the "Create Assignment" button in the top right corner or click on the class name to open the dashboard for the class.

If you click the name of the class, you'll see a "Create Assignment" button when the "Assignments" tab is selected on the left side of the page.

After clicking one of these "Create Assignment" buttons, click the type of assignment that you want to create. We'll go through the steps to create a vocabulary assignment. See this article for help with creating a grammar assignment: How to Create a Grammar Assignment

After selecting "Vocabulary", you can select a vocabulary list created by you or SpanishDict, or you can create a new list. You also have the option to select more than one list. You can scroll down on the assignment-creation page to see more lists from SpanishDict and use the search box to find a particular topic. 

If you want to see the words contained in a SpanishDict-curated list prior to assigning the list, you can hover your mouse over a list line to reveal a "Preview" button.

Clicking that button will open a list preview on the right side of the screen. 

You can also try a quiz for the list by clicking the "Try Quiz" button at the top of the preview window.

Clicking the X in the top left of the quiz will take you back to the assignment-creation page.

If you click "Create New List" on the assignment-creation page, you'll be taken to the vocabulary list creation page where you'll be asked how you want to create the list. You can either search for words in our dictionary database (Choose words) or import a list (Import words) that you've already created from either or a document.

The list will be given a randomized title; if you would like to change the name of the list, just click the current title, type a new one, and then click somewhere on the page to save it. If you need to delete a word, hover over the word and click the trash can that appears to the right of the word. Once your list is ready, click the "Assign" button.

You will be routed back to the assignment-creation page where you will need to select the quiz format (open input or multiple choice) for the assignment. If you select multiple lists to assign at the same time, they will all utilize the same quiz format. If you would like to assign multiple lists with different quiz formats, you will need to assign them individually. You can also click on the start and end dates and times to modify them. Make sure the classes to which you want to assign the list(s) are selected, and click "Create X Assignment(s)" once you are ready to proceed.

How to Notify Students

For Classes Created on SpanishDict

After creating an assignment for a class made on SpanishDict (not a Google Classroom class), you will see a "Copy link" button that you can click. You can then paste that link into an email, messaging app, or LMS (Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, etc.) to send to students. Students will then need to click that link to access the assignment.

For Google Classroom Classes

If you created an assignment for a class from Google Classroom, you'll be routed back to the main Classrooms page after finishing the assignment-creation process. Once the start date/time passes, students will see a message appear in the class "Stream" and the "Coursework" tab in Google Classroom. 

They can then click the notification to open it and then click the SpanishDict link to access the assignment.

For Google Classroom and SpanishDict Classes

After creating an assignment, you can also navigate to the Classrooms page, click into the class for which you made the assignment, and then click on the ellipsis to the right of the assignment. A small menu will appear where you can click "Share assignment link".

You can then either share the link on Remind or click the "Copy link" button to copy the link and then paste that link into an email, messaging app, or LMS (Google Classroom, Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, etc.). Once the start date and time have passed, students will need to click that link to access the assignment.

You can also tell students that there is a new assignment in SpanishDict and instruct them to log into their SpanishDict accounts, click "Classrooms" at the top of the page, click on their class, and then click on the title of the assignment to open it.

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