Grammar Assignments Overview

With the Classrooms feature, you can assign two types of assignments to students: vocabulary quizzes and grammar lessons. For information about our vocabulary quizzes, please see this article: Vocabulary Assignments Overview

For instructions on how to assign grammar lessons to students, please see this article: Create a Grammar Assignment

Our interactive grammar lessons are categorized by topic (aka "skill"). Each skill contains multiple lessons, some of which focus on teaching and practicing elements of the topic and others that offer a review based on previous lessons in the skill. 

It's important to note that does not save partial progress on grammar lessons. If a student exits a lesson before completing it, they will have to start from the beginning when they come back to the lesson.

When they open a grammar assignment, students will be presented with a screen that reminds them that they must finish the entire lesson to complete the assignment. To begin, they need to click "Get Started".

Explainer videos guide students through the details of a specific grammar concept. A transcript of the video will appear in large font directly beneath the video player.

Some grammar lessons contain explainer videos, and some lessons do not. If you assign a lesson/skill that does not have explainer videos (e.g., Verbs Like Gustar), students can click the page icon in the top right corner of the lesson to see a written explanation of the topic.

Each lesson includes a monologue or conversation with native Spanish speakers, accompanied by practice exercises that may offer multiple choice options or require students to type an answer. 

When a video is included, students can move their mouse over the video player to pause or replay the video or start it at certain points. They can also hover their mouse over parts of the written transcript to see English translations.

If students need extra help with the grammar topic, they can click the page icon in the top right corner.

This will open the grammar overview article in the sidebar.

Students can also click the gear icon in the top-right corner to open the settings options for the lessons.

If students would like to exit a lesson, they can click the X in the top left corner. However, their progress will not be saved, and they would need to start from the beginning the next time they start the lesson. 

A grammar assignment will only be marked as completed if a student finishes the full lesson in one sitting.

If students answer any practice questions (not related to explanation videos) incorrectly during the lesson, they will be required to repeat them at the end in order for the lesson to be marked complete. 

They may then see a page that indicates their streak on the site (number of consecutive days that they've answered at least one vocabulary or grammar question in a quiz).

They will also see a page about upgrading to a paid subscription. They can wait for the timer to count down and then click "Continue". (Note: A paid subscription is not needed in order to complete assignments.)

Once they see the "Assignment Complete!" page, they will know that their assignment was saved as complete, and they can click "View all assignments" to return to their assignments-dashboard page. 

The assignments dashboard shows all of a student's vocabulary and grammar assignments, along with whether their statuses are completed, completed (late), in progress, in progress (late), unstarted, or unstarted (late).

This page can also be reached by clicking the three dots followed by "Classrooms" in the banner at the top of the page and selecting a class. Students can then click the blue title of an assignment to start the quiz or lesson.