Vocabulary Assignments Overview

With the SpanishDictionary.com Classrooms feature, you can assign two types of assignments to students: vocabulary quizzes and grammar lessons. For information about our grammar lessons, please see this article: Grammar Assignments Overview

You have the option to create your own vocabulary lists or use lists made by SpanishDictionary.com or other users. You also have the option to select either open input (typing):

Open Input Quiz

or multiple choice: 

Multiple Choice Quiz

For instructions on creating a vocabulary assignment, please see this article: How to Create a Vocabulary Assignment

After a student opens a vocabulary assignment, they will need to click the "Get Started" button. The total number of words that need to be learned (practiced in the quiz) will be shown on this page.

The quiz will start with a set of eight words (or fewer if the list is shorter than eight words). Once the student reaches the end of the set of eight, they will see a progress page.

If they're ready to finish quizzing on the remaining words, they can click "Continue Practicing" or wait for the quiz to advance automatically after five seconds. If they would prefer to exit and return to the remaining words at a later time, they can click the X in the top left corner. Their progress on the first eight words will be saved, and they can finish the remaining words later.

If they click the X to exit, they will be routed back to their class dashboard, and the assignment will be marked as "In Progress". If the student is working on the quiz after the due date has passed, they will see an "In Progress (Late)" label on this page.

Once the student finishes working through a full list, they will see a progress page at the end of the final quiz segment with a "View all assignments" button.

Clicking "View all assignments" will take them to the class dashboard page. The dashboard shows all of a student's vocabulary and grammar assignments, along with whether their statuses are completed, completed (late), in progress, in progress (late), unstarted, or unstarted (late).

This page can also be reached by clicking "Classrooms" in the banner at the top of the page (may need to click the three dots to expand the menu and find this option). Students can click the blue title of an assignment to start the quiz or lesson.

Students also have the option of clicking the three dots at the top of the page and then clicking "Vocabulary", which will take them to a page that combines class assignments with any personal vocabulary lists that they've made or saved for their own study purposes.

The progress bar on the "All My Words" list on this page shows progress for any personal lists they've made. Any assignments that they've been assigned will appear in the section titled "My Assignments". To start an assigned vocabulary list from the Vocabulary page, students must click on the title of the assignment, and then click the "Start the Quiz" button on the list page to start the quiz.