View Student Assignment Progress

How Grading Works on SpanishDict

SpanishDict grades vocabulary and grammar assignments based on completion (not percent correct). The following are the labels that you will see for various assignment states.

  • UNSTARTED - student has not started an assignment
  • UNSTARTED (LATE) - student did not start the assignment prior to the due date
  • IN PROGRESS - student has started the assignment & the due date has not passed
  • IN PROGRESS (LATE) - student started the assignment but did not complete it prior to the due date
  • COMPLETED - student completed the assignment on time
  • COMPLETED (LATE) - student completed the assignment after the due date had passed

To view your students' progress, sign into your SpanishDict account and click "Classrooms" in the menu. You'll then need to select the class that you want to view.

The "Assignments" tab of the class page will show all of the active and scheduled assignments.

Click an assignment title to see the progress for each student.

Grades on Google Classroom

If you have connected your classes from Google Classroom to SpanishDict, you will see the completion-based grades on the class pages in your SpanishDict account, and then you can also see percent-complete grades on Google Classroom. To do so, log into Google Classroom and select the class you want to view. Then click on the "Grades" tab at the top of the page.

You'll see a number out of 100 that represents the percentage of an assignment that a student completed. If the student did not start the assignment prior to the due date, you will see "Missing" instead of a number.