How to Create an Account

SpanishDict is completely free, and you can use most of our features without creating an account. However, if you would like to take vocabulary quizzes and make your own vocabulary lists, save your progress in grammar lessons, and/or if your teacher uses the Classrooms feature on SpanishDict, you will need to sign up for a free account. 

If you use both our website and our app for iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android and purchase a premium subscription, you will also need an account to connect the website and app in order to have an ad-free experience on both platforms.

To sign up for an account on, click the blue "Sign in" button in the top right corner of the page.

You'll then be asked to select a sign-up method. You can use Google, Facebook, or Apple.

A username will automatically be generated for you. You can change this later in your Settings page: How to change your username

After creating the account, you'll be asked to select whether you are a language teacher or not. If you are, see this article for further instructions on using our Classrooms feature: Set up a class in SpanishDict Classrooms. If you are not a teacher, click "No" to move forward.

You'll then be asked to indicate which language you are learning. If you are learning English, you will be routed to our site for English learners, ingl├ę 

Select whether you're learning in a class or not.

And finally, select your vocabulary level. 

You'll then be given a chance to try out a vocabulary quiz at your chosen level. If you'd rather skip this for now, click the X in the top left corner to return to the main Vocabulary page. From there you can navigate to other parts of the site.

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