Connect the Website to the App for Premium Access

Thanks for supporting SpanishDict with a Premium subscription! If you use both and our app (for iPhone/iPad or Android device), you can enjoy ad-free use on both platforms. In order to do so, you will need to be logged in on both platforms at the same time to the SpanishDict account you used when purchasing the subscription. 

If you are using the website, you do not need to leave the app open after logging into the app. Similarly, if you use the app, you don't need to keep the website open after logging in.

To log into an account in the app, open the app's menu and tap on "Log in". Then, follow the steps to log into your account.

To log into an account on, navigate to the site and click "Sign in" in the top right corner. Follow the steps to sign in.

Staying simultaneously logged in on both the website and the app will establish a connection and remove ads from both platforms and give you access to the downloadable "Phrasebooks" and grammar "Cheat Sheets" on both platforms. If you use the app on an iPhone or iPad, you'll also be able to take writing and multiple-choice vocabulary quizzes in the app while your iPhone/iPad is offline.

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