Can I Change the Translation Language in Vocabulary Quizzes?

The vocabulary quizzes will always show an English word and expect a Spanish translation, but there is an option to take quizzes that have you translate in the opposite direction! is designed for English speakers learning Spanish. We have a different site (https://www.inglé and app (search for "inglé" in the App Store/Google Play Store) for Spanish speakers learning English.

You won't be able to move your lists from one site/app to the other, but you can switch back and forth if you'd like. The inglé website and app allow you to sign in with the same account you use on, and you can create new lists on that site/app or use lists made by our team. The quizzes on inglé will give you Spanish words and ask you to provide the English translations. If you use the multiple-choice input, you'll see four English translation options on each question.

If you have a Premium subscription on, your subscription will also be applied on inglé

If you start taking quizzes on inglé, your progress will be saved separately from the progress on But it is possible to use both sites/apps! The main thing to consider is that the dictionaries, while very similar, were written separately. For that reason, some of the translation pairs that you can use in quizzes on may not be available on inglé