Change the Input Method for Vocabulary Quizzes

Website and Android App

When you're taking a vocabulary quiz on the website or in the Android app, you have the option to choose between typing your answers and using multiple choice. If the quiz is currently asking you to type your answers, you can click on the little tile icon in the top right corner of the page (next to the audio icon) to switch to multiple choice.

If you're seeing multiple choice questions, you can switch to typing by clicking the "Aa" symbol in the top right corner.

iOS App

If you use our iOS app, you have a third option of speaking your answers. To change the input method, start a quiz and then tap on the gear icon in the top right corner of the quiz.

A menu will appear where you can select from writing, multiple choice, or speaking. Tap on the option you want and close the menu to return to the quiz. will then remember this setting for future quizzes, until you change it again. 

Please note that on our website and in the Android app, the input-method setting is saved with a cookie. If you use a cookie-blocking extension or a browser setting that blocks cookies, the quizzes may reset to the default of multiple choice every time you return to