What Is Included with a Premium Subscription?

The SpanishDict Premium subscription offers a variety of benefits. 

  • It removes advertisements from the site.
  • If you use the SpanishDict app on an iPhone/iPad or Android device, you can connect the website to the app (or vice versa) by signing in on both platforms to remove ads from the app as well. (Find instructions here: iOS/Android)
  • You'll also have access to a set of grammar Cheat Sheets and vocabulary Phrasebooks that can be downloaded as PDFs, which are not available on the free version of the site. To access them from a computer, click the three dots at the top of the page, followed by "Cheat Sheets". On a mobile device, click "Cheat Sheets" in the menu. In the app, click "Premium" in the menu.
  • Your streak (count of consecutive days that you've completed a learning activity) will be repaired once per week in the event that you miss one day of practice. (See more info here: Streak Repair.)
  • When using the website, you can check your Spanish (or English) texts for errors using the Writing Coach feature. To find it on a computer, click the three dots at the top of the page, followed by "Writing Coach". On a mobile device, click "Writing Coach" in the menu. (Note: This feature is not available in the iOS or Android apps.)
  • You can translate up to 5,000 characters (letters, punctuation) at a time, as opposed to the 500-character limit without a subscription.
  • You'll have access to our spaced-repetition system in the Vocabulary section of SpanishDict to help ensure you don't forget the words you're practicing over time.
  • If you use SpanishDict.com in Google Chrome on a computer (Mac or PC) or an Android mobile device (not iPhone/iPad), you'll be able to access speaking questions in the lessons in the Learn Spanish section of the site.
  • The lessons in the Learn Spanish section (on all devices) will offer a setting to choose an accent from Latin America or Spain, which will be applied as often as possible throughout the lessons (unless a character specifically states that they are from the opposite region).

If you use the SpanishDict app on an iPhone or iPad (iOS app), your subscription also gives you the following benefits:

  • You have the option to take writing or multiple-choice vocabulary quizzes in the app while the device is offline, such as while traveling or living in an area with spotty internet coverage.
  • You can speak the text you want to translate using the Voice Translation feature.
  • You can translate text found in images by either taking a photo or uploading an image to the Image Translation feature.

Speaking vocabulary quizzes in the iOS app (iPhone/iPad) are not available for offline use, and vocabulary lists cannot be created or edited while offline. 

The offline vocabulary quizzes, Voice Translation, and Image Translation are not available on Android devices (only iPhone and iPad).

If you sign up for a premium subscription, you will start with a 7-day free trial period to try out the Premium features. You can cancel in the settings of your account ( How to Cancel a Premium Subscription) before the 7 days are over, which will ensure that you won't be charged. However, if you do not cancel during the trial period, you will be billed on the 8th day for the subscription plan that you chose.

All subscriptions are set up to renew automatically until canceled. 

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