Streak Repair

One of the benefits of a Premium subscription is being able to repair your streak. The streak feature (found under the lightning bolt icon in the top right of the desktop version of and the iPhone/iPad app) measures the number of consecutive days on which you have completed at least one question from a qualifying activity: conjugation drills, vocabulary quizzes, or interactive lessons (grammar).

Streak repair will automatically preserve your streak once a week if you miss one day of practice. For example, if you have a 20-day streak on Tuesday but don’t have time to practice on Wednesday, your streak will be maintained until Thursday. As long as you log in and complete a qualifying activity on Thursday, your streak will increase to 22, with the repaired day (in this case, Wednesday) being counted as its own day of activity. 

However, if you miss two consecutive days (e.g., you didn’t complete an activity on Thursday in the example above), your streak will reset to zero. You will be eligible for another streak repair seven days later, in case you miss another day.

Unused repairs do not roll over or accumulate, so you only have one repair available to you during each 7-day period.