Delete a Vocabulary List

On a Computer:

Deleting a List You Created

If you would like to delete an entire list that you created, first open the list by clicking anywhere in the white rectangle around the list title (not the Quiz button).

Once you're on the full list page, click the red trash can button next to the "Quiz" button.

Deleting a SpanishDict List

When you take a quiz created by SpanishDict, you will automatically "follow" the list, which causes it to appear in your "My Lists" section for quick access in the future. If you would like to remove a SpanishDict list from your "My Lists" section, find the list you want to remove, and click the "Unfollow" link below the title.

If you're already viewing the list, you can click on the "Following" button under the title, which will remove the list from your account. 

On a Smartphone or Tablet (Website)

To delete an entire list, open the list and then tap on the red trash can button to the right of the "Quiz" button.

If you would like to unfollow a SpanishDict list, click the "Unfollow" link below the list name.

In the iOS App

To delete a vocabulary list that you made, first open the list that you want to delete. Then tap on the three dots below the list's name. 


A menu will pop up at the bottom of the screen, and you can tap on "Delete".

To unfollow a SpanishDict-created list, open the list and tap on "Following" at the top of the page.

"Following" will then change to "Follow list", and you can navigate back to the main Vocabulary page.

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