Remove Students From a Class

You can create classes on either with the Classrooms feature or by linking your Google Classroom account to The following article outlines how to remove students from your classes for each method.

Please note that all deletions are final. Once a student has been removed from a class, assignment data for that student in that class cannot be recovered if the student is added back to the class. 

If a student is having problems accessing an assignment, please see the following articles or contact us at before resorting to deleting the student from your class.
Open an Assignment in Google Classroom (For Students)
Open an Assignment on (For Students)

In Classrooms

Click the "Classrooms" tab in the site menu (may need to click the three dots to find it), and select the class from which you want to remove a student. 

If you created a class using Google Classroom (GC), you will only be able to remove students in GC. You'll know that a class was created in GC because it will have a green icon above the class name on the Classrooms page. Classes created on have a blue/white icon. Please see the next section for instructions on removing a student in GC.

Click the "Students" tab on the left side of the page, and then while hovering your mouse over a student's name, click the trash can button that will appear on the far right.

You'll see a confirmation box appear at the top of the page. If you want to proceed with removing the student, understanding that all related assignment data for this student in this specific class will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored, click "OK".

In Google Classroom

If you created a class in Google Classroom, you will only be able to remove students in the Google Classroom interface, not on If you need help with that, please see this page from Google: Remove a Student From a Class