How to Cancel a Premium Subscription in the iOS App

If you started your subscription on the website, you will need to cancel the subscription on the website. See this page for more information: How to Cancel a Premium Subscription

If you signed up for the premium subscription in the iOS app (iPhone/iPad), Apple will manage the cancelation process. Therefore, the team is not able to cancel your subscription for you.

You can cancel future renewals through the App Store. To do so, first make sure that you are viewing the home page of the app. If you're not sure, tap on the "Explore" icon in the bottom left corner.

Then tap on the profile circle in the top left corner of the app, sign into your account (if needed), and then tap on "Settings".

On the Settings page, click "Manage My Subscription".

Then click the button that says "Manage My Subscription", which will open the subscription management page in the App Store.

Once in the App Store, select SpanishDict from the list of apps and click through the steps to cancel automatic renewals. If you need help, please consult these instructions from Apple: