Change the Icon on a Vocabulary List

When you make a new vocabulary list on the website or in the Android app, will randomly assign the list an icon (image). If you don’t like the icon that was assigned to your list, you can easily change it.

Icons are not currently shown on the iOS app, but if you access your iOS-made lists on the website or in the Android app, icons will appear for the lists.

To change the icon, first make sure that you are signed in to your account and then navigate to the Vocabulary section. Open the list that you want to modify.

Please note that you cannot change the icons on lists made by or other users.

If you’re accessing the website from a mobile device or using the Android app, the pencil button will automatically appear in the top-right corner of the icon for you to click.

After clicking the pencil button, a menu of icons will appear. Scroll down to view all of the options and select the one you want.

Feel free to play around with this feature! You can change the icon as many times as you’d like.