Browse the Dictionary by Letter

As a digital resource,’s dictionary is most easily accessed through the main search bar on the site/app.

You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into the search bar on the homepage to be directed to a corresponding dictionary entry or, if there is no dictionary entry for your term, a translation page. 

However, sometimes you aren’t looking for anything in particular, and you want to spontaneously learn some new words. Or perhaps you miss the sensation of opening a paper dictionary to a random page and seeing what you find. Well, there is a way to do this on the website!

On most pages of the website (not in lessons, quizzes, or drills), you can scroll to the very bottom and click “Site Map”.

This link opens a page that has links to different parts of the website, many of which are not available in the site’s main menu. At the top of the Site Map page, there are sections for Spanish words and English words with links to individual letters.

Please note that the Site Map is not available on the app.

Click on a letter to see a list of every dictionary entry in our database that starts with that letter. Note that, if you click on a letter in “Spanish Words”, you will get terms in Spanish, and vice versa. For example, this is what appears when you click on “B” in the “Spanish Words” section:

Click on any word/phrase/sentence to view the complete dictionary entry.