Google Classroom Linked to Wrong Account

If you use Google Classroom in conjunction with’s Classrooms feature, your students may encounter problems accessing their assignments or signing in to their accounts. Here are two common causes of these difficulties:

  • The student signed up for a account with a personal email address that does not match the email address they use to access Google Classroom.
  • A student is using a shared device, and their account was connected to another student’s Google Classroom account (or vice versa).

An error message will typically appear at the bottom of the screen to indicate which email address is connected to the account.

To fix either of these scenarios, the student will first need to sign in to the account that is currently linked to their Google Classroom. 

If this is not possible, perhaps because they don’t know the student or the student no longer attends the school, please contact our team at for further assistance.

Once they are logged in to that account, they will need to click on the profile circle in the top-right corner, followed by "Settings".

On the Settings page, they will need to scroll down to the "Classroom connection" section and click the button that says "Disconnect Google Classroom". It looks like this:

Once that's done, they will need to click the profile circle at the top of the page again and then click "Sign out". Then they can sign back in to (or create a new account) with the email address they use for Google Classroom. They'll then be able to link their Google Classroom account to the account associated with the same email address.