Make a Vocabulary List in the Android App

To make a new vocabulary list in the Android app, first make sure that you are signed in to a account (free or Premium). To check this, open the menu in the top-left corner of the page and look for your username. If you see a “Log in” button instead of a username, tap “Log in” and proceed to log into the account.

When you are logged in, tap “Vocabulary” in the menu.

Once you are on the Vocabulary page, you can create a new list by clicking the white "+ Add New List" button at the top of the page.

A menu will appear at the bottom of the app that asks how you would like to add words to the list. You can select the option to "Choose words" by searching through our dictionary database or "Import words" from a document (Excel, Word, etc.).

Choose Words

If you selected "Choose words", you'll then see the vocabulary-list page. Your list will be given a name automatically, which you can change by tapping on the name of the list, typing the new name, and then tapping somewhere else on the page to save it.

If you want to change the icon (illustration) that was assigned to the list, tap on the pencil symbol in the top-right corner of the icon to open the menu of options and then click on the new icon you want to use.

After you finish editing the icon and title, you will see "+ Add new word" towards the bottom of the app. Tap on that, and then type a Spanish or English word or phrase in the search box that appears.

After you start typing, words that match your search will begin to appear in a drop-down menu. Tap on the word or phrase that you want to add to your list.

When you tap on the word that you would like to add to your list, another menu will appear. Tap on the translation that you would like to practice to add it to your list.

There may be more than one possible translation listed. If you want to add multiple translations, you will need to add each one separately. You cannot add multiple translations at once.

Repeat this process to add more words to your list.

Import Words

If you choose the "Import words" button when setting up your new vocabulary list, you will be able to add words to the list by copying and pasting text from a Word, Excel, or other type of document. For specific instructions on how the "Import words" feature works in the Android app, please see this page: Import Vocabulary From a Document