Photo Translation in the iOS App

If you use the SpanishDict app on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and have a Premium subscription, you can translate text in images, either by taking a photo of some text or uploading an image that includes text.

To do so, first make sure you are signed into the app with your Premium account. If you purchased your subscription on, you will need to be signed into your Premium account on the website (either on a computer or in a web browser on your mobile device) and in the app. This will apply your subscription from the website to the app to give you Premium benefits in the app.

Once you're signed in, go back to the home page (Click "Home" in the menu.) and tap on the camera icon in the search box.

A menu will appear at the bottom of the page that allows you to select whether you want to take a photo or upload an image.

If you click on the "Take a photo" option, you may be asked to allow the app to access your camera.

Click "OK", and then the camera will open. You can adjust the zoom of the camera by pressing the .5 or 1x buttons at the bottom of the photo-preview area. You can turn the flash on or off in the top left corner. If the camera isn't focused on the text, tap in the middle of the photo preview area. 

Once you take the photo, you'll be able to zoom in on the text in the white square if desired. If you're not happy with the photo in general, tap "Retake" in the bottom left corner. If you're ready to use the photo for translation, tap "Use Photo" in the bottom right corner.

You'll then receive a translation (produced by computers, so potentially not completely accurate) of the text that was found in your photo.

If some of the text was interpreted incorrectly from the photo, as was the case with the name "Alice" in the photo above, due to the formatting on the page of the book, you can tap in the text box to make edits with your keyboard. 

Also, if the text of the translation appears in separated lines, as in the photo above, just simply tapping in the search box (no need to type anything) will help to rearrange the lines. Once you click "Search" in the bottom right corner of the keyboard after doing that, you'll receive a reformatted translation.

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