How to import vocabulary from Quizlet or a document

If you previously created a Spanish↔English vocabulary set on, you can import that set to SpanishDict to use it in our vocabulary quizzes. There are two ways you can start an import.

First, you can open SpanishDict and click "Vocabulary" in the menu to navigate to the main Vocabulary page. From there, you can click "Import words" on the right side of the page, just above your "My Lists" section.

You will then be asked to either select an existing list to which you want to add the words or create a new list.

The second way to start an import is to navigate to the Vocabulary section and click on the list to which you want to add your imported words.

Once you've started the import process by clicking "Import words" in one of those two locations, you will be asked to paste in a link to your Quizlet set.

Paste in the link to your Quizlet set and click "Preview". You will then be able to see a list of your words with their translations, exactly as you entered them in Quizlet.

SpanishDict will mark words/phrases that don't match an entry in our dictionary database as "No match" or "Partial match", such as plural nouns or misspelled words. You can then go through and click on "Select word" to find a better match in our database, along with the translation you want to practice.

Once you're satisfied with your list, click the "Import X words" button at the top of the page to finish the import. 

The words from Quizlet will then be part of your list!

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