How to Share Vocabulary Lists

You can share the vocabulary lists that you have made with other people, such as friends, classmates, coworkers, and family. They can then save the lists to their accounts and use them in practice quizzes. No one else will be able to modify your lists though, so if you share a list with someone, they will not be able to add words to or delete words from the list. However, any changes that you make to the list will be reflected in their account.

On the Website or in the Android App

To share a list with someone from the website or the Android App, first make sure that you are signed in to your account. Then go to the Vocabulary section and click the list that you want to share. On the list page, just below the list’s name, you will see a label that says either “Private List” or “Public List”. If it says “Private List”, you will need to change the status to public in order to share the list with other people. To do this, click the three dots to the right of the “Start the Quiz” button, and then click “Make public”.

A confirmation box will appear in your browser, and you will need to click “OK” to approve the change.

Once the list has been made public, click the “Share” button to share your list.

A box will appear where you can either click the “Copy link” button to copy the link and paste it wherever you’d like, or you can click one of the social buttons to share it automatically through the selected platform.

In the iOS App

If you’re using the iOS app, first make sure that you are signed in to your account and then open the Vocabulary section and tap on the list you want to share.

The iOS app does not show whether a list is public or private, and it’s not currently possible to change the status of a list in the app. When you make a list in the iOS app, the list is automatically public. Unless you have changed the status of an app-made list on the website, you won’t need to change the list’s status in order to share the list from the app.

Once the list is open, tap the “Share” button.

A menu will open that gives you a variety of options for sharing the list, such as Apple AirDrop, text message, email, or simply copying the link so that you can paste it into another app.