Can I Customize the Word of the Day?

The Word of the Day is hand-selected by our team, so we offer the same daily word choice to every person that uses our app and website. does not have customization settings for the Word of the Day.

Since the people that use range from absolute beginners to university students and professional translators, and we select just one word per day for everyone that uses our site and app, we try to vary the difficulty of the words throughout each month, in an effort to eventually provide something for everyone.

Most of the words featured in the Word of the Day series are used universally throughout the Spanish-speaking world, but if a word is used only in a specific region or country, we will list that place in parentheses in green print next to the definition on the dictionary entry.

You can see the full dictionary entry by clicking the word in your daily email or the app. You can also search for it directly on

We certainly understand that each person has unique needs and interests for the vocabulary that they learn, which is why we created our Vocabulary feature. You can access this feature to find new word suggestions and practice quizzes, as well as create your own lists for practice, by clicking the word "Vocabulary" at the top of the page on the website (may need to click the three dots to find it) or in the menu on the mobile version of our website or in the app.

You have full control over the word lists that you view in the Vocabulary feature, so you can find vocabulary that is more suited to your learning goals. Some of the categories that we offer for vocabulary lists include clothing, food, travel words, adjectives, and verbs.