Why are my grammar quiz answers being marked wrong?

If you've double checked what you wrote but still can't figure out why your quiz answers were marked wrong, here are two possible reasons for why your answers are being marked incorrect.

Single word answers

Most of our grammar quizzes, such as the verb conjugation quizzes and the adjective quizzes, have instructions at the top of the page that state that you will need to "conjugate" the word in parenthesis.

This means that the accepted answer will be just one word - either a verb or adjective, depending on the quiz. Your answers will only be accepted if you write single word answers, instead of typing out the full sentence.

Accent marks

The other potential reason for why your answers are being marked wrong is if a word requires an accent mark and you typed the word without the accent. If you're not sure how to type accent marks on your computer, you can click on one of the gray accented characters below the text box in the quiz to insert the accented letter into the word you're typing. 

You can also read about keyboard shortcuts for your computer here:


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