How to Access Grammar Lessons, Articles, and Quizzes

From the Website

To find our grammar lessons, reference articles, and quizzes, first click the word "Grammar" at the top of the page. 

If you're viewing the site on a mobile device, you will need to tap on the menu in the upper right corner and then select "Grammar" from the list. 

Once you're in our Grammar section, you can either search for something specific (e.g., adverbs, pronouns, subjunctive, etc.) or scroll down and choose a topic from our "Popular Topics" section, which is divided by difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). 

Interactive Video Lessons

When you open a topic from the "Popular Topics" section, you'll see a list of the available lessons in that grammar skill.

You do not need to have a SpanishDict account in order to use these lessons. However, your progress will only be saved if you are logged into an account. If you didn't log in (or sign up) prior to starting a lesson, you'll be given a chance to do so at the end.

Reference Articles

Underneath our lists of interactive lessons, as well as on pages that do not have interactive lessons, you'll find a reference article that provides an overview of the selected topic.

Old Practice Quizzes

If you're looking for the 40-question practice quizzes that we offered in the past, prior to releasing our interactive lessons, you'll need to scroll down on a lesson page to the very bottom, where you'll find a "Start Quiz Now" button.

If you have a Premium subscription, and therefore do not see ads on SpanishDict, or if you use the search box on the Grammar page to navigate to an article that is not yet part of our "Popular Topics" section but that does have an old quiz, you'll find the "Start Quiz Now" button closer to the top of the page on the right.

From the App (iOS and Android)

To access the grammar resources in the app, open the app's menu, tap on Grammar, and then follow the same steps described above to start lessons, read articles, or use the old quizzes. If you want your progress to be saved in the interactive lessons, make sure you log into your account in the app's menu before opening the Grammar section.

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