How to access English verb conjugations

If you teach English language learners or have a Spanish-speaking friend that is learning English, you might want to share with them the English verb conjugations that we offer on SpanishDict. There are two ways to find the English conjugations.

The first way is from the English version of the site, If you select "Conjugation" from the top of the page (or the menu on a mobile device) and type in an English verb, you'll receive conjugation results for that English verb. However, the rest of the page will still appear in English.

If you would prefer to start from the Spanish version of our website, you can either go directly to or scroll to the bottom of the English site and click on "Ver en espaƱol".

Once you're on the Spanish version of the site, you can click on "Verbos" in the site menu at the top of the page and then type an English verb into the search box. The rest of the page will now appear in Spanish.

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