How to Access Spanish Verb Conjugations

Desktop Version of SpanishDict 

There are two ways to access the conjugation charts for Spanish verbs on If you already know the Spanish verb that you want to conjugate, you can click on the word "Conjugation" at the top of the page, type the Spanish verb into the search box, and then press Enter on your keyboard or click the blue arrow button in the search box. This process will take you directly to the conjugation page.

If you need to translate an English verb first, or if you would like to start from the dictionary page for a Spanish or English verb, you can type a verb (in either language) into the search box on the home page. When you arrive on the dictionary page, you can click the tab that says "Conjugation".

If you searched for an English verb and then opened the Conjugation tab, you'll initially see conjugation charts for that English verb. You'll need to click on "View the conjugation for [insert verb here]" to change the conjugation charts to the Spanish verb.

Mobile Version of SpanishDict

If you're viewing on a mobile device, you can follow either of the options outlined above. To go directly to the conjugation search, you'll need to tap on the menu icon in the top right corner of the page (three horizontal lines) and then select "Conjugation".

The search functions work the same on the mobile version of our website as they do on the computer version, but the design of the charts will look a bit different, in order to fit the smaller screen.

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