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Mobile App

If you're heading out on a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, or you'd prefer to look up words from your smartphone or tablet while studying or reading a book in Spanish, we recommend downloading the free SpanishDict app. The app is available for both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices. You can find it by searching for SpanishDict in the App Store or Google Play Store or by clicking one of the following links.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

The app is absolutely free to download, but we do offer the option to purchase a Premium subscription to remove ads from the app and have access to grammar and vocabulary PDFs that can be downloaded for offline reference. 

The app does require an internet connection for some functions, such as translating longer queries and playing audio. However, since the dictionary is part of the app's database that gets downloaded to your device, you can still search through the dictionary while offline. If you purchase a Premium subscription on the iOS version of the app, you'll also be able to take writing and multiple choice vocabulary quizzes when your device is offline.

SpanishDict Premium

SpanishDict is completely free for everyone, but if you'd like to remove ads from the site and support our work, we offer a Premium subscription option. You can learn more about this option here: What is included with a Premium subscription?


Are you learning Spanish on your own but don't know where to start? We recommend trying Fluencia, an interactive, self-guided course from the SpanishDict team that will teach you the vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills you need to become conversational in Spanish.

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