Who Writes the SpanishDictionary.com Dictionary?

In the early days of SpanishDictionary.com, our team licensed content from existing bilingual dictionaries to show on our site. We started writing our own version of a Spanish–English dictionary in 2014, and we now show those entries, copyright Curiosity Media Inc., at the top of most dictionary entry pages.

You can still find the licensed content below our original entries for additional reference purposes, as well as on pages for words that do not yet have their own Curiosity Media entries. These dictionaries include the Collins Complete Spanish Electronic Dictionary by HarperCollins Publishers, Harrap Publishers Limited, and the Velázquez Spanish and English Dictionary.

All of the Curiosity Media entries are written by expert, bilingual lexicographers from a variety of Spanish- and English-speaking countries. They use their native language expertise, as well as their thorough research skills, to ensure the accuracy of all our English and Spanish entries. They verify information across a number of monolingual and bilingual dictionaries and authorities, including the Real Academia Española (one of the governing bodies of the Spanish language), and use their own regional knowledge to provide the most accurate translations for regionalisms, slang words, and phrases.